AAF Mobile Bay is a local chapter affiliated with the American Advertising Federation. As a member of District 7 and the national AAF, the chapter welcomes members located in Mobile and Baldwin counties with an interest in advertising.

Our Mission

The mission of AAF Mobile Bay is to:

  • Introduce and familiarize members to others whose work involves the production, buying or selling of advertising or sales promotion, public relations and marketing activities.
  • Encourage and develop the highest standards of integrity and honor in the advertising profession.
  • Further the exchange of common interests and ideas among members.
  • Enhance the quality of life for all segments of the community by providing professional expertise to civic, public service and charity entities in the Mobile Bay area.
  • Celebrate creative excellence in local area advertising at the annual AAFMB American Advertising Awards.
  • Raise funds and support for many community causes, including an annual media auction and annual scholarship grants to college juniors and seniors who intend to enter the field of advertising.

Our History

AAF Mobile Bay, Inc., formerly known as the Bay Area Advertising Federation, and previously the Advertising Federation of Greater Mobile, was founded in 1948, under the administration of Victor Lott, the first AdFed president. That same year, the 7th “Deep South” District of the American Federation of Advertising was formed. Mobile was one of the six clubs and federations present at the first meeting in Birmingham, Alabama in November, 1948 to form the infant 7th District AFA. In 1967, the AFA merged with the Advertising Association of the West to form the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the largest grass-roots national advertising organization to represent all aspects of the advertising industry. The Advertising Federation of Greater Mobile became an incorporated entity September 30, 1974.

Since then, AAF Mobile Bay has remained a prominent federation within AAF District 7 and the national organization of American Advertising Federation.

Learn more about AAF District 7 at www.aafdistrict7.com
Learn more about the American Advertising Federation at www.aaf.org